Meditation Program

Good Friends Meditation Center

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 11am-6pm
           The Last Friday of the Month, 11am-9pm
Video Meditation Guide: Ven. Pomnyun Sunim.

[Morning Program]

Program I (45min) starts at 11:30am-12:15p
- Video lecture: “Before Meditation” (20min)
- Meditation (20 min)
- Video lecture: “After Meditation” (5min)
Break (10 min)
Program II (50min) starts at 12:35pm
- Video lecture: “Short Guide to Meditation”(5 min)
- Meditation (20 min)
- Walking Meditation (5 min)
- Meditation (20 min)
Close at 1:25pm

[Afternoon Program]

Program I 3:30pm~4:25pm
Break (10 min)
Program II 4:35pm~5:25pm

*You can choose to participate in one of two programs
  or in both programs.

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